The Greenwood White-River Rotary Club is leading Impact Day, a community service event to raise funds for local non-profit organizations. These various organizations provide services to developmentally challenged children and adults, people in need of housing, low-income services and other worthy organizations who assist the citizens of Johnson County. Each Rotarian will provide 8 hours of community service for one or more of these organizations to raise funds for the Rotary Impact Awards. From the funds raised, grants will be given to Johnson County community service organizations who are chosen from applicants. 100% of your financial support of a Greenwood White-River Rotarian’s community service will be included in the grants awarded.

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Green Team:

Team Captain: Dan Planker

  • Mike Crumbo

  • Charles Miller

  • Jack Rebush

  • Jeff Tillman

Red Team:

Team Captain: Steve Schellin

  • Richard Arkanoff

  • Sandy Hillman

  • Randy Johnson

  • Greg Lewark

Purple Team:

Team Captain: Lee Ann Wilbur

  • Dave Maurer

  • Dan Ryan

  • Joe Waltermann

  • Melissa Winslow

  • Colt Duke

Gold Team:

Team Captain: Scott Horvath

  • Joel Cox

  • Jim Newcomer

  • Iddo Porat

  • Jody Veldkamp

  • Josh Lofgren

Blue Team:

Team Captain: Matt Koehling

  • Bob Browning

  • Jim Copp

  • Tom Dirks

  • Kerry Dorsey

  • Evan Fruits